Why get a website in 2015


Maybe you've have had your business for many years or have recently registered or started up as a new business and want to move forward with your business in 2015. Either way, should consider a website for your business.

There's many considerations in running a business such as:

  • What are your goals?
  • What customers you want to attract?
  • How your customers will find your business over your competitors?
  • What your products and services do you offer?

Point three mentions about how customers find your business which is a crucial question in considering your industry and what your competitor is doing better or different from you. Why do I need a website some businesses trade only via a shop front, whereas some trade only online, but whatever your business is, the following reasons should give you confidence in the importance of getting a website for your business.

  1. Keeping up with the times

    Any sized business not having a website nowadays, could give an unprofessional impression and could therefore prompt your customer have to ask lots of questions about your business and your portfolio that you could list online, so creates more work for you and your customer in not having a website, plus not having a website could see your business less trustworthy compared to someone else who may have a website.
  2. Competing in your industry

    Your competitors maybe moving forward with their business online and gaining more of the market share of your industry, so you could be loosing out to a large customer base in not having a website.
  3. Online Contact

    Give your customers other communication channels to connect with your business through online enquiries as well as phone enquiries as giving your potential customers various channels for contacting you is essential as a customer wants flexibility and if they have the ability for completing an online contact form as well as email and phone, then that may benefit your business.
  4. Getting found online

    Being found by potential customers on Google Focusing purely on one marketing channel can restrict your business potential, and nowadays having a website and listing your business on Google can allow people to find your business online through industry keywords. For example someone may search for “im looking for a web designer in romford”, and many other industry terms, but not having a website will likely miss you the business.
  5. Sell Online

    Sell your products and services online Having a website allows your customers to purchase your products online via secure online payment either through your bank or via paypal etc.. You can also enable online payment for your services and giving people information about your services online cuts out wasted time on the phone explaining everything you provide.


Hopefully the above points will help you to see the benefit of having a website. If you’re concerned about the cost of a website, or maintaining the website, this is affordable depending on what your requirements are. If you want to know more, why not speak to us on 01708 50 2772 or email us for any other information you require.


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