Mobile Compatible Websites to Improve Ranking Potential


Google want users to get the most relevant search results and as of April this year the mobile friendlyness of your website is a ranking signal.

You can run your website through an online testing tool to see if your site is mobile friendly or not. which if friendly will give you a good result as the below screenshot shows.

After click is important

To ensure Google is giving search results that will be most relevant and useful to a user, Google is also interested in the after click when someone visits a website so that the user browsing your site is getting a good user experience. You can run a mobile usability test to detect any issues with the website.

Usability test

You can perform a mobile usability test on your website with following steps

  • Login to your google account through your browser
  • Go to and search for "google search console"
  • Click link and sign in
  • If you have not setup Google Search Console, Click "add Add a web property"
  • Enter your website
  • Select a method to validated Google Search Console, and when your asked to verify ownership, click "alternate methods" tab and select "Google Analytics" to use your Google Analytics Account to verify you own the domain.
  • Once you have verified that, Google Search Console > Search Traffic > Mobile Usability and then you will be advised of any issues on the site, but if all is ok, then you will see the following:

Google's Mobile Friendly test

Google have recently updated their mobile friendly test to provide the best user experience to a user. They found that on mobile devices, the websites that restrict their content because the site wants people to download an app before being able to access all the content of that page is actually affecting the users experience of tht site. Google are recommending sites to avoid showing the app install that hides a significant amount of content when sent from the search results page. After November 1st if this is the case in people forcing users to download an app to view more content, their website will be deemed as non mobile friendly. There are alternatives to promote the app in the browser summary stats show that mobile websites are more likely to be re-visited again, so getting your website mobile friendly is a must for any business website. Talk to us about getting your website mobile compatible.


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