Keys to a successful mobile friendly website


Mobile friendly websites have a major impact on your overall website engagement metrics. Mobile browsing is nowadays such a quicker and easier way for people to find what they want wherever the location, so the expectation of a desktop user would differ from mobile as a mobile visitor wants quick results. Having a mobile website is essential. Test if your website is mobile compatible with Mobile Friendly Test Tool

Google ran a case study on mobile friendly websites and found that companies that didn't have mobile friendly browsing experience had:

  • 33% decrease in conversions
  • 27% drop in organic ranking
  • 37% increase in bounce rate
  • 9% loss in mobile site traffic

Why should we tailor mobile experience for users

Mobile intention and expectations

Users have different intentions when using a website on mobile compared to a desktop as mobile users have different goal expectations needing things fast and to the point.

Users have higher expectations on mobile devices, due to smartphones being performance constrained, the speed and load time is a factor and as the screen size is significantly different to desktop so need to have responsive site that's clear and fast.

8 Seconds to click with a visitor

If users don't get what they want on the mobile, the average time on the site would probably be reduced considerably in comparison to a desktop visit. I heard a report that if a person does not see what your focus services are within 8 seconds, then they will likely leave your site, so the urgent need to make sure a user is hit

Main pillars of mobile performance and success


Mobile speed is a key factor in mobile responsive design as load times on 3G and 4G even though fast, have no comparison with the fast broadband speeds, therefore we need to reduce the load times from the website through applying compression to elements in the site.

Functionality and design

Be aware of the limitations of a mobile. So some elements may need to be hidden so the information is clear and to the point compared with desktop. Mobile should be performance based over the design as no-one is expecting an amazing designed mobile site but more focused on the site is

  • Easy to navigate
  • User friendly
  • To the point


Fast loading content is key over the sites look and functionality, as people want to find information fast, so only display what is key information


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