Four reasons to get a Mobile Responsive Website


Why should you go mobile with your website?

  1. Mobile vs desktop

    Classically people used to browse the web on full width desktop screens only but as technology has grown tablets and mobile devices have become more convenient and practical over desktop, so it's become necessary to adapt how we view and use websites on smaller size screens. This is where responsive websites are important as a responsive website can give a more quality user experience and better any to view the site without the need to zoom in. Desktop is still important but as web designers and business owners we need to adapt to the changing technology so mobile visitors are very important to our business
  2. Plugin to a wider audience

    To drive more potential business through your website, focusing on mobile and desktop is the best strategy for maximising on your audience reach. Even though non mobile responsive sites will still open on phones, your visitor will find it more difficult to browse your site and will more likely exit and go somewhere else, but a nice responsive website will likely keep visitors on your site longer and will more likely generate business. If you need a more reasons to invest extra cost for a mobile friendly website, you could begin by checking your google analytics data for mobile visitors vs your desktop visitors and view the data over a period of 12 months for example and if you can see your visitors spent less time on mobile, that’s an indicator people are getting fed up of its non-responsive.
  3. Benefits you with search listings

    On Tuesday April 21st Google brought updated their algorithm favouring mobile friendly web pages over in mobile search results. The update started rolling out so keeping an eye on your website listings is important. To test the friendliness of your website, use Googles mobile tool at
  4. Keeping up with the times

    Technology changes over the years has made websites advance in needing not to be confined to just desktop, but to mobile and tablet devices and although websites can load fine on mobile and tablets, you have to zoom in to see things properly. Getting a responsive website means your website is tailored for display and usage on a tablet or mobile. Contact us to know more to get a responsive website for your business.


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